Seven things Money can’t buy..



These lines are so true and I will tell you why .
I feel like that  and why.
Explain it per line. .

A Happy family…
Well this is something we all want. But you may see it as you please. Family isn’t always blood related. It could be a great friend a neighbour or otherwise.. you create  your own family who makes you feel loved like a family should give to one and another…. of your a family work kids and a partner or a single parent.  Still your a family

Só important.. and it’s a great example for children .. family love. In witch way doesn’t matter… Just have to be there..😍😍

-True Love
Well let me tell ya who doesn’t want that!!!!!


Hell yeahhh. … Love that makes your stomach crunch . Feeling the “Butterflies ” feeling like a child of 14 again haha.. It’s one of the Best feelings Ever  .. Thé only down side if it .. is that when your really  getting hurt by someone you deeply deeply loved. It’s so hard to get that feeling back.  Because your scared. … and that has to do with trust issues and love is one of the most powerful  thing if it comes to open and give your heart to someone..

Oh yeah passion. This one you can talk about a lot because there are so many ways to see this word. Feel this .. passion . I have a great Big passion for ballet,dance it self,singing and cooking.  But you can see it in a love way as well. Feeling passionate about someone..and every one knows that feeling hhaaha. .
SO yeah that’s what passion can be… passion because of hobby’s things you like or the side you wanna be with someone  and feel passionate about it. Trough it. Etc. You may fill that one in your self haha…

– Time
Omg sometimes your wondering where is the time going for heaven sake… It’s going so fast you loos track sometimes. Kids grow way yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyýyyyyyyyyyyyuyyyyyyyyýyyyyyyyyyy to fast in my opinion    Boehhhh . But anyway   .   .. even if your at home or not. Everything revolves around time. Appointments, having Thea with friends or family.  Everything has to be planned. And it is normal because we live in a sociaty where you just have to plan things etc  . .
But sometimes it is Sooooo nice to have nothing to plan  . No scedule.  Nothing     .. that’s why we love holidays etc   …
But time is life… no matter how we want it  .

Yeah this is so important to have  . . If it’s because you learn great and have all kinds of educations etc . Or its because life gave you knowledge you where just confronted with  no choice  just the way your life went. Or is.
So in this case again more ways to see what knowledge  is and how you can put it in you life   . How do You see knowledge The word what does it mean to ya  ?? Anyway.. again you can put it anyway you like. .
Love knowledge   . I got it from life  a bit from school and stuff.  . When I go on a trip or holiday  when I write…. I can get it from anything   ..
And that counts for everyone. Everyone sees it diffrent and has a other meaning of heaving knowledge and getting it   …

Yuppppppp……. This is something I got to learn when I grew up  I am Indonesian. So in our Culture respect  is a Big Big deal  in every way    …..
How your react to it or use it in you future doesn’t matter. Because  you will get it for free when you grown  up in our culture hahha   …..
But I love and am great full my mom and dad learned me what I needed in life  ..Because it made me aware of surrten things the way I raise my child .Other things i find important. And people may agree or not. Does not matter and I REALLY don’t care at all  Because it is my life .. but my mommy always told me when some people are judgmental it’s there problem not yours . Treat it with respect just to ignore it  or confront it.  But then you have to really know what you gonna say  ..

Always be truthfully.  But there are things you just have to keep to your self. No one’s business anyway  ….
.but Respect is something everyone has another meaning for  .. and that is everyone’s own right  to think and act so    .. As they please..

Só these where my 7 descriptions of the 7 things  you read in the picture. ..

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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