I made it….!!!!!!



It is really hard to tell when your getting better. Or how in my case. But this above is so so true..
Can’t wait to say those words..
   I MADE IT…..!!;)..

Let’s not be dramatic about it. It’s not ok to be where I am at this moment. But that’s life.. and thing doesn’t happen for or without no reason. So I believe..

I will get there. Just tiny steps and remember always why I do this.
I don’t need no one .. just accept myself to give it the opportunity to heal.. Times doesn’t heal at all in surrten things. But let’s  try to live with it… that is a start it self…. and a answer as well…

I will, Keep the faith and be strong. Even though you feel weak and sad. Think of it… you only cry when you let your guard down. You smile when you light up. So everything  is related to each other. So when you feel like that. Sad and weak. KNOW that You are stronger because you can feel. So make a deal.

With You..
Be yourself and have faith.
It will take some effort as does everything. Nothing will come for free. So you gotta work for it. Gracefully with respect..

But believe and trust your Own instinct…
😍 😘

Remember L.O.V.E.💜

L.O.V.E Mellissify



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