Motherhood. …



Exactly true indeed so..
We are blessed as mothers  to be one. Be able to have the change to be one.. how you choose to be one is up to you.  You know best what Your children Need Then Anybody On THIS planet.
Of course some have there opinions and they may of course. But it’s up to You what your gonna do about it..


Yessssss… I Feel the love. I deed We all have issues thing to deal with  in life . But see it as a learning process. Moments that you may learn from.. it comes to you for a reason even though you mide not understand and why it has to hurt so much at times. But know this.. At the end of the tunnel there is always  light!! Embrace the pure love don’t  be scared    …

Troubles come and go. But the pure love you are gettimg from your children will undo everything.  Will make you smile even if your insides cry. .
Makes you wanna dance. Although your stuck in way. But what the H.. you will do it anyway. Because it makes them happy…

How Happy may WE be as parents. To see them laugh having joy and being happy that is our Ultimate  gift in our lives..


Hahaa exactly …
I am crazy as a mother. Like to sing act out with my little one. Dance as far as I can to make it Nice for her. Be positive in every way. But also show that emotions are good.  You can cry because of heartache or happy tears. Every emotion. Crying,happy,sadness,anger.. It is all good. If you handle it the right way ofcourse. With grace   .. respect and dignity.
Love to let my child see that I am her Mommy. A close “friend” who knows her best  …. but I am Not her Friend if you know what I mean.  My mother raised me the Indonesian way. I hated that in a way.. but know I know my mother did well. So I am pulling things out of my mother that I liked and can live with and the other things I didn’t like I will teach her but at a diffrent  level. Because I can.
I am her mother,  father, sister ,brother ,police, hotel, maid Everything. So I have to find the right Balance between it all..


Yes that counts for mine.. if I may be honest ..:):)

We are blessed as parents. Hope our children will say the same about us parent later ahhaha (Let’s hope so)…

For now. .Be blessed as Parents  ..

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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