This is why I like the night and embrace life!



Wauw the beauty of the night. Moon,Stars,water.. and so much more..


Everything looks so beautiful. Nice views over city’s and other beaitiful spots. Like the ocean or other beautiful things that pups up at night


Everything from your thoughts mindset and everything around will come so pure and naturally. It belongs in our lives . Mysterie  in life will come in the night.  I love it..

Can speak enough  about it.. 😍😍Treasur what we have . That is the day so our


Brain may work. And in the night we all have to let it go..
And then.. well then you will see things so diffrent . Brains are working together  … the other half will shut down to rest for the next day to that will come.
That’s the beauty of it all. Everything.  Every minute .. moment is special and a learning proces in every way.

Love life day and night
It will love back.
Believe it and fight. ..

😍 😍 😍 😍

L.O.V.E Mellissify


Over mellissify183

Hello everyone, My name, is as you may have seen, is Mellissa. I have many things I could tell you about myself, but I do not think it realy matters at this time. Most probably you will get to know me a little bit better through my Blogs/Writting. I hope you all like what I have to write and hope you will follow me, comments etc... As I do with others and following. As I alway's say ( from Jessie J) L.O.V.E #story #write #read #follow

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