To My Brother …


How funny life works. ..
It can make you cry and laugh….
Do harm or good…

Either  way a brother is never away. .

I know that I have a really strong bond with my brother in many many ways..
A second mom you mide say. .But.. We have One mom and she raised us..

Ofcourse there were bumps on the road. Life isn’t always easy. But we learn from it . Experience and move on. That is what my Brother is doing.
As any other person or brother should and can do.

Find your true self in  every way. Be at peace with yourself.

As a Sister you have a job and that is to make sure your loved ones knows  I love them no matter what happens.

I will respect every disicion  one makes. My opinion may be diffrent but that doesn’t matter.

I matters what You feel. Spread your wings and fly my brother.

You are getting a beautiful opportunity to be free. Really free. Doing what you want ..

I love you and I am so so proud of ya my little brother.  Even though you wanna be my big brother and you really are in a way.  Thank you for your pure heart and love   ..

May this journey brings you what you wish..
My blessing and others are with you….

Follow your heart dear brother
I love you
Really like a mother. ..

L.O.V.E Mellissify


Over mellissify183

Hello everyone, My name, is as you may have seen, is Mellissa. I have many things I could tell you about myself, but I do not think it realy matters at this time. Most probably you will get to know me a little bit better through my Blogs/Writting. I hope you all like what I have to write and hope you will follow me, comments etc... As I do with others and following. As I alway's say ( from Jessie J) L.O.V.E #story #write #read #follow


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