Watch ‘Key & Peele op YouTube


THIS IS AMAZING to cheer you up.
😂😂😮when you wake up,or going to sleep. always helps when  you are laughing so hard hahhahh . And you will watch the next and the next . It remains Funny 😁😁so I believe  .

I like the Humor of it hahah. I saw this last year for the first time . I am hooked now haha.  It’s traditional now 😇😇😇:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:..
Makes me feel Free and exciting.  Most of all makes me laugh and good thoughts instead of worrie a lot. My daughter  has the same Effect on me witch is better ofcourse.  But .. but. .. I love the humor of the shows. .. Touches my soul and brings good spirits.  Makes me wanna act crazy all day with my baby girl…    🎹🎸🎵🎵📀😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

Takes a way bad Moods if I feel it inside but I can not hide …
my daughter sences  to soon to quickly. .. 😍 I watched “Home ” yesterday with her. Popcorn and juice.  She was so sweet and funny. We have the same humor.  I love that about her so deeply
So wise for her age.. Maşallah. …watched the whole movie in English no subs.. and she felt it  and understood  it. Wauww amazing.  BUT ALL children  nowhere days  are so wise in good and “bad”  ways . I am surrtelly not a mother who does not see “faults of my own child . But she is a child knows right from wrong but your suppose to do surrten things as a kid.  It’s normal.  If respect and discipline is still in order. You may my go many directions I will become more open minded and so on etc. .But you have to earn That Respect and surrten freedom..

Thank you for this gift dear “God” my child her soul and  heart💓💝💗💗…

The humor I still have .I hope otherwise I Will laugh by myself no problem mhuhaaj😂;)

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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