The Beauty of Orchids


The flower Orchids
Orchids with their delicate blossoms are simple elegance. Receiving an orchid bouquet or plant is a little like taking a trip to paradise.


I understand why my uncle loved this flower. My grandparents have it all over in they’re  house. ..

Brings luck they believe and reminds them of there son..
.i loved it also. Even when I was a little kid  .


As well as white butterfly’s . Reminds me of my father and uncle .. Both are in heaven now.  ..

I love you and I promise I won’t forget you and what you both taught me.. raised me to be as a woman and individual. It helps  me with a lot of things   I am so thankful for that….

So thank you.  Because every day I learn more and more….


And that is that!!!

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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