Look’1996 Opening Amsterdam Arena Part 3/3′ op YouTube


Yup. . I remember this day like it happend yesterday!

My father and brother even my mother wached this. . The grand opening  of the Arena.. Where are Favorite club plays #Ajax. .  My father loved it.  Wouldn’t miss any game. .

When my father past away in 1997 we were blessed that we saw this opening and they won #campions Yeaaah. . In  1997 and that year my father past away. I always thought the song from #TrijntjeOosterhuis “De Zee” (means the sea) was so beautiful and I have coosbums all over every time I hear that song.


When I am surrounded  by water I get very emotional. ..

Now I understand why!
The meaning of the song combined  with my father passing away and our favorite Club #Ajax.

My daughters name means “God of the sea” so how beautiful is that!!!!!İ never thought if that in that way and order.  It just hit  me . And I am thinking about it and how it all is connected


Bit by bit peaces are falling into place and I love that   ….

Let us be blessed…
😍 😗
Keep your head up
Life is ment to happen
Like it does…

Make the best out of every situation.
sometimes it’s hard to do so
Just try and you will notice
Makes you calmer it’s a mind blow..

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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