Yeah so…
I realize people are so judgmental.  I always have a hard time to handle that..

But it gets better every time..
Nobody but me and my family are the ones important  enough to listen to. They can hurt you as well.. but if they are being honest I can only apriciate  that….Learn from it also..

And I can reach a point when I think … “Think what you want,but I don’t give a S…”
I cannot change  that.
I will accept your mindset. It’s up to Me how to deal with it…
I will do it My way… for Now and always…


But sometimes you may keep things to your self.  Because it is not important what You think. Or expect from me as a human being.

It is about respect towards one and another..
I have to believe in myself. Other wise I won’t feel better.. and nobody but Me nows what I feel and want to live my life!! In harmonie

People close to you are the ones that can make you cry and laugh. But when they’re honest I totally  respect that..

Just don’t get in my way..
As I respect you all..

I may be a pleaser..but I wreither  be like that. Than selfish or hateful.  People like to judge. Complain about your life style. They don’t have a life of they’re own I asume hahaah

To them I would say.  F …off  and live your own life…
As do I! And just leave me alone

If your not happy with me because  the way I am… Just Get the he’ll out of my life… Don’t need that negativity. .. or drama

Life isn’t always easy. Just deal with it and move on. And if you are really interested and caring.. You  understand what I am trying to say..

Stay away from my business. .. as I will leave you to it..

I respect everyone. We are all equal.

Just love life,friends and family..
I know I do and I love to say that I am a blessed  woman. With good people around me…….

😍 😍 😍 

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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