A suprise and a process..😍


What a great great suprise was this…  I was taken to a place with my daughter.. It was amazing and beautiful in Every possible way


The last couple of  years  I was a bit confused about my life and being..  also because of my situation ofcourse.. got me out of balance.
BUT NOW!!! It is a process I have to deal with and they gave me space to do so in a proper way. Doctors and family as friends.😍


This one really opend doors again.. it was nice and lovely though.. I met a lot of beautiful  people. We had a blast and it was pure.. So I believe.!! In Every possible… 😍 Thank God I am blessed… I realize what a beautiful life I have now and I appreciate it more and more..

God gave me a gift.. now I am trying to place it into my life and live by it. With grace and respect towards others amongst us… be in great harmonie and balance again

I enjoy the way people are coming to me.. I learn from it.. and it feels so good.. It makes me so Happy…!😍 what may I wish more..? Nothing… !!! Just to beat some things. Be my true self and let things be as they should.. Because that’s what my main course is. My path to walk.. A great responsibility  towards  my little one  myself as others around me that I love so deeply .. And let me say this.
I am blessed I am meeting new people over and over again .. Reminds me of who I really am and Not! I learn every day . Bit by bit..


I have to do a lot of things I know.. but. . I am working on that one and I think is going to be OK .. IF I take small steps Wisely and mature. .

Thank you for guiding me…
And giving me the time and space to find  that true balance in life it self…😇😍😍😍😍😙😙


L.O.V.E Mellissify


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