Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard


Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard #TED :

She just Nailed it!!!RESPECT for this one true Strong woman.. Shè is amazing in who she is,what she has become and what she stands for…

Every body in my near surrounding nows how I am as a mother. . Lot of them are doubting my way of raising.. But I do it My way..

A person that was chosen to have  responsibility for a person. Your child.  A child  with own nolage and mindset. Own karakters. . But you have to teach them Every day when there out of school  that surten  behavior is simply not acceptable  in any way.  Why?? Because I say soo!!

İ want the best for my child in every way and oh whe have a long way to go.  Scary but.. uh yeah we will discus it then haha .no but I need to set A strong foundation and stability in her life. So she knows. I may do Anything I want.Know that you have to work and earn your spot in life…as well. Because nothing is taking for granted in life so be humble and graceful about it .Finish what You start…. Then I mide change and explore something else. Sport or music. Whatever. .But finish what you started  and now the basics of what you wanted to learn in the first place. The gitar or to be a dancer.  If you are older and wanna do something else.  Fine.. but at least you did it. And when you wanna go back you just pick it up were you left it.. That’s why basics and keep on going and trying so important
At least when you finish it well enough to pick it up like that m

She will bump into many things in her life that will make her wonder how or what if.?? And that is normal and OK But. … Do know… That Mommy will love you Always… Even though i can be upset  by the things she did and will do for sure what I don’t like.. I will never stop loving her but teaching her at the same time until she truly understands Why I want her to be a Graceful loving,not hating person. Always kind.. but known in the back of her mind how surten people can be…
Always be there for others.. but don’t forget yourself. If you want to be a leader,Be a leader! ! #quote #LindaCliattWayman… her self hahh…. That’s how I wanna raise mine. Look I don’t anything more than you do.. but we may think a diffrent way about life it self and how to live it…

So what?..No What!….
Really want to meet her it would be a honor .. can learn so much more from her. .


L.O.V.E Mellissify


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