Indeed it does so I believe.

Be humble and graceful in life. Take it as it comes. Even though it will be rough and painful  sometimes…
Always have faith. . Hope Be strong.

If you  open your self up to the one thing that’s not  your comfort zone but you really feel like you Have to do it..  That is a big step in finding Your self. Doing something you never thought possible because you want to claim to everything that feels safe and makes you wanna choke as well and not because it’s not good your family or life? or so. No!! Your path is to go that way   The way that you wanna go… if that means spreading your wings and fly.  Than do that..

November  2014 I really had the need to be all alone for a while.. not to be selfish but to be confronted with Me.. And I did it . I wanted something to happen so I couldn’t go. But No!!! There was no turning back on this.. I was  really going. . What I felt was amazing. .And I learned a bunch a things. And as a writer it’s healthy and good . And I feel like home.. there.. but that’s a Whole Other story  hahaaha.

I really am a open minded person and want  to raise my daughter that way to  have a family who lives by those standards. .

Don’t be affraid… Just walk on by…. And live your live The Way You want and .. Gracefully I have to say. ..with Gratitude 😍😍. .

İnşallah för everyone. .
May God be with you…and hear your praises. .
Be blessed…

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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