Just Don’t. ..!!



Just beautiful written … and it’s true though also.. I believe hahha..

Because we exually judge to much Way to soon  before we even know what’s going on in people there lives etc..
We also have the graving to be something your not cut out for  but life told you in your mind. Or you love someone you know will always hurt you. And so on and so on…

Kinda harsh the way I say this to you .  I made these mistakes also and maybe I still do.. it's  a habit we took  over.. . You know when your sitting drinking when the sun is shinning and you laugh about people  you see    … well everyone knows that! And we all do it… But it's a funny way

There is also a downside when you have jokes like that because you can continu it by doing it to your own friends and family. You just gossip al the time about everything and everyone. ..
Why I may ask.. why.. if somethings is troubling you. Just put it out there and talk. I will keep it at that and move on. But I will never talk about a friend like that  I will always show my gratitude  etc. In need or just because they are my friends…

Communicate people. .. that's it! The best solution  to many problems we have on a daily basis. …

Don't trust those who talk a lot.  Don't judge when your not walking in there shoes.  You may have a opinion but keep it to yourself.  Hard at times, but it will get better.

Never be jalous of what you don't have ..but apriciate the things you Do have!!

Peace everyone be humble and blessed. ..

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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