My family…..😇😙😍💜💜Maşallah. .m



Mijn lovely nephew. … I had a sleep  over so my niece and her husband could rest a bit and I enjoyed it so much .. you just roll with it without thinking.  Gave him his drink.. and when I  made some fruits he fel a sleep.. omgosh so adorable 💜💜. .

Put him on the sofa and let him sleep while I cleaned up because the weather was great  I wanted to give my niece and her husband  a break and I loved it so. So please use me for that haha. Auntie Mellie. . They slept well….


My little one is back from her vacation with her true grandmama… 😍  ..My Mommy
And her nephew wanted to sleep over so he came to.


So lovely to see them together so much love💜😎😎.. They are like brother and sister. He really treats her with respect kindness and is very patient. …
😍 😍 But it is A lovely boy my Auntie has some Amazing kids…. Proud I must say.. Shè did it!!!:):)💜💜💜💜😙😙😍😇😇

So our Holiday so far mhuahhaa to much to share. ..

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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