Disappointed. ..??. Failing. .. Understanding..?



Indeed it’s so.. If I am disappointed it’s for those people who do things you didn’t expect.  Or hoped for that it would or could happen. Hoped that they thought better about it…
Ofcourse it will….
Everyone will disappoint you in your mind and feelings… even though it’s not the case or that is to really truly hurt you.  But just because they put them self first at all times…it may feel like they are really just thinking about them selfs but it’s not like that.Its they’re nature I like that  wish( I could do it more )Say No etc.. In most cases.  You have people of course who use you extremely but when your getting older you know better and sooner. Because you pick it up pretty soon how people really are these days


Don’t get me wrong it’s  a good thing.  But a bad thing for those who are not like that. .. This Rabbit says it all… Focus. . Where Is your focus…

Life,friends,family.. you are pushing everyone away and always switch friends etc and don’t really have “real friends.  For life. Or people you Really can rely on… Your focus should be on every one that is involved in your life as well in every way. It’s lyrics and beat that create the music . .. so there are a lot of ways to talk to people. Exspecially those you care about..


That is the most Nicest things.  Being suprised. I have a niece she is not into all kinds of appointments etc. Way to busy. But when I became sick with my back etc.. she was in front of my house with hot coco and cookies ow and flowers. Never expected that from her but she did..That I will never forget… Or a True friend who came to cook for my daughter and took care of me because I had surgery..

All these things are important. If I am not agreeing to what my friends or family does I will tell them nicely . Can’t imagine to be harsh and respectless to them.  Because I love them. Even though I am irritated or not. I think before I react on things. I wreither be silent for a while than speak my mind immidiatly.  .

Of course as friend and family  you can say every thing like you want. And still laugh after 10 sec haha.. but still. .

It’s the situation most of the time that makes it hurt or not…
Don’t expect .. be humble and be suprised. . You see…

I just wanted to say I feel dissapointed in the people them selfs not what they do. Just the way they do they’re things and respond. .. well luckely everyone is different. . I know I am blessed with the wright people…😇😇😇😇💜💜💜😇💜😇😇💜

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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