Aha Moment..



You know the feeling ” Aha?!!” That’s why this or that happend.
You can explain it and wrap your brain about it… Sooner or later everything will fall into place……

Even though it mide take a while and it will come when you not expect it..
It will hit you immidiatly. . Aha! !

You get it hahha.   #Oprah had all kinds of shows about it  ..

I just want to tell you all that I had my own “Aha” moments! ! İ am 32 years old now and I had it like 20 times at least.Of course it could be tinny little things but still.. it will bring peace and joy more joy…And great Understanding. .


Free mind.. etc etc …

It helps with my rehabilitation. …
Take it seriously. …
Your feelings. .don’t ignore them..
Why surrten things happens is for a reason how badly it may be.
This I believe. So don’t get me wrong.
Respect mine I respect yours as well. Even though we mide not agree does not mean we can’t drink coffee or speak etc…

It’s healthy to have more opinions about diffrent  things …

Speak free people. Humble and graceful…💜💜💜….

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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