My Father in heaven😇….



Omg Yesterday was the day my Father past away 18 years ago. I am 32 now. 18 years!!!  Where is the time. .. ???

Every time I see someone getting  married… how my life is now with your  granddaughter. .. All the things you miss … I know your with us. Among us .. me my brother and daughter. . But it still hurts so bad.
I miss you daddy I really do..


Still can’t believe your gone for so long..
So most of my life I had no father. ..I bless you and hope you really found peace. 
Hope you really know.. how my heart  is broken by your loss and I smile trough my tears. . But you learned me to be strong and speak up.  Well daddy I am doing my very best to find balans between honest and human being instead of to  overwelming. .and find my path in between so I can keep respect  etc. ..

You and mommy learned me that and so much more.

I love you 18 years ago
We lost you
But you live in our hearts
Souls and believes..
We have faith
I will be strong papa. …
I love You 😍💜💜💜💜💜

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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