Believes around the world..



Yes we have to deal with every religion that is among us…

Even though everybody has his own opinion about surten  believes etc. .but I am a true believer. . And Non of religions are wrong…..

Everyone is the same. We all have ears,nose,mouth etc… so why are we judging people for there faith instead of respect everyone. And yes you may be mad or sad if something terrible happens. But it can be a Muslim a non believer,Christian etc….

So my question remains why pin people down a surten group of believers. Because of what we see on TV and people have to deal with every day. Does that mean that your neighbours who has the Same religion are also bad… because some stupid human being cost a lot of pain and trauma…

But we don’t hear you complain when your on your holiday to Turkey or Marrocco, Dubai so on and so on…

So don’t be a hypocrite by pointing fingers to PEOPLE who do harm and use there religion to make there case and point stronger. But it makes them even weaker..
And we have two choises. .or go along with them by being judgemental or you may choose to treat everyone equally. ….

HUMAN creates pain. Not our or there religion.

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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