How can we  not be able to be with the ones we love so deeply. .
Tragic actually. ..Why don’t we do enough to keep the love strong and alive? ?…

Let us begin with the feelings. It’s not a only about the attraction but also as humans..how we see each other in a way the  brain works. How they  think and act on it. Of course not everything is perfect.  But does it have to be?… That would be bloody boring don’t ya think?!?…:?

Just thinking out loud here..
Even though you have the love around you.. don’t get upset when the attention goes away for a while at a surten point. Stay and talk it through. Be respectful enough to give credit to that in your relationship. ..whatever relationship you have…..

You fall in love but that burning desire won’t last .. but the love will grow and grow. And when you realize you can’t and won’t  live without them well then you know. This is the one!!!

Because How crazy life gets and haunts  you or disconnected you from surten things at a surten time.. let it.. Because you are both growing and growing. But do it together as a team. Remember. Love is hard work. But it’s the bliss you get from it.

Spending time,talking,laughing. .all those things matter to. Mostly I think. Yeah Sex has to be great and you have to have a connection. . But you will know when that’s gone. IF AND When you Stop talking!!I believe when you truly wanna be with someone you can.. Just set your mind right! !

Don’t give up!!!

People Thèse days marry quickly but seperate from each other as well sooner than our generation  before us even more before  that.

Of course you can’t and may not when kids are involved stay wit one and another when your not happy with your life partner anymore. When every bit of love and affection is gone
. People often think affection is only by touch. Yes it is. But it is the brain  that has to reach one and another . And if the love is strong it will survive on that … Even that is a fase your going to be in to.

No …I am  defenitly NOT the person to give advice about relationships or whatever ..  But this is just how I feel and think. I hope I have learned over the years what a relationship really is! ! Important things and the non important stuff…

Just another way of  learning things in life and follow the steps and leave those you walked already behind because the footprints will fade away in the end  …

Marks will stay .. but it will have a place peaceful. . Everyone will get where there suppose to be..

I Believe. . LOVE

I am proud to say I have someone that truly and deeply cares and loves me…

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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