True friendship 😇💜


True  Friendship is hard to find…
Keep those who  really matter.
In the end your will know witch kind

Your true friends really are..
It’s not about the amount of time
You spent with them
It’s close in your heart so not far…

Just the right people for you
You know it and me to..


So let’s be clear..
True friend are hard to find…
You  can Count  them on one hand
Won’t alow myself  without them  I can’t. ..

Friendship is to powerful
Even we don’t always understand
But it’s worth pain and laughter
Friendship is hard work but beautiful. .after.  

You always have up and downs..
Soo  you realize who is important
Who is not anymore
That is what counts. ..

Blessed by friendship
Humbling and warm
True  and a gift
It’s in your heart
There is the start. .

So take it and embrace
It’s not common…
Be bliss. .
True Friendship is random
I sealed it with a kiss

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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