Life is Amazing



When you look at all the bad things in life you realize how blessed you are as a person. Heartache is one thing that will always be a part of life.

But see the beauty of it. Embrace what has been given. Learning proces. .!
BE happy because you are on this earth.. struggles you Can over come if You want to!! Chance means everything. The way you live and stand in life. That will lead you to what life will give to you in return.
Laws of attractions. ..

Begin with your own self!!💜💜✌

L.O.V.E Mellissify


Over mellissify183

Hello everyone, My name, is as you may have seen, is Mellissa. I have many things I could tell you about myself, but I do not think it realy matters at this time. Most probably you will get to know me a little bit better through my Blogs/Writting. I hope you all like what I have to write and hope you will follow me, comments etc... As I do with others and following. As I alway's say ( from Jessie J) L.O.V.E #story #write #read #follow

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