Thinking is reaction…



So well said  by this inspiring Buddha..
It’s true though..

Laws of attratction again. What you send out to the univers you will receive..

Now you gonna think “yeah but I am happy but a good friend past away,how can that be a attraction?”.

Well it’s not the pain you receive,but the tools that is been handed to you to work with. If it’s necessary you have pain in your life it could mean you have to learn  something.  But life is still life  .. it’s more about how your life is and you living it. Are you negative Al the time. Only the negative will come. . The happiest people are the ones who don’t worrie at all!! They will be striked when something goes wrong. So that is the diffrents  people who are suffering and have life experiences will feel joy more powerful than others. And if something should happen that is of deep impact you will survive. As do the people who are living the “good” life be burned out when life hits them. Of course they can stand up again but it’s different  . So we have to find a balance..

A balance between positive thoughts even though pain will come.. how to handle  it more and better…

Don’t stick your head in the sand.
Face reality and learn.. move on and go with the flow..

Life is Good!! Say that every day! !;) with a smile and a prayer. ..

L.O.V.E Mellissify


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