“Thé Secret”!!!😇😇



“Thé Secret”…

I never forget the first time I saw that documentary /film…
Wauw I believed… I am not crazy at all.. my thinking is OK and acceptable.. It’s  not about the “why this and that” No!! It’s how to deal with it.

How we atrract  surrten things over and over again sometimes.. Repeating and repeating. “Laws of attratction” also calls. You get what you send out there.. Good vibes or good thoughts but in heart different and not pure  as it should no matter what you want or wish for. It always has to be Pure!!

When i was in my twenties hahaha I saw this, I’ve  thought about it and I alow it to be a part of my being now. And it does work. I am not saying you won’t feel pain  or struggles. But you know what to do. How to deal with it and maybe in the end some answers along the way…. 
Understanding  is much better now and that will make you stronger..

So that’s how it’s gonna be….


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