How it is


No words can express  how I feel.
There is nothing that isn’t  real..

Everything I do is for  a reason
But something  is freezing
A cold cold feeling up on me..
You took it away but let me be

You don’t  understand  what you gave up
Toss away like that
It’s  just that ..

no matter what..

Can’t  you see the lonely Ness in it
Cold feeling when you lay there
Your of the grid

Take it easy but be aware
What’s  in front of you there..

God gives you a chance.
Take it it’s  in you advance

Take a risk and play along
You and me we belong..

We know it and feel  it to
But you don’t  wanna edmit  it
your cruel you did

But we will forgive
Keep  her and you will live

In harmony and to learn
Teaching,seeing and earn.

So take my hand dear
Be your self and have no fear.

I will love you always
And I am the one that stays


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