I say it Now!!


Even as a little child
Something was inside me al along
Something no one else has
Well aware, caring, loving never gone

This is a special kind
One who thought it trough
Still well aware..
But definitely true…

Never be afraid again
That is said in my ear
Never loos hope and believe..
My life will not live by fear.

Passion, love and giving Back
That is what Mellissify Stands for
I wanna let My voice be hurt…
This is my Open door..

Someone once said; ‘A door Shall open and walk through and it’s a good door dear’.

Wauw..what can I say..
It’s amazing how it works in life
I am getting there
I am gonna Dive!!!

Deep in to it and I shall find..
Have no fear, regrets and learn
Everything I expect out of life
Now Baby.. Its MY TURN!!!!


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