Love is….


Love is…. knowing one and another
Love is… Graving the same things
Love is.. letting go
Love is… pain and sadness

Love is …joy and excitement. …
Love is …passion
Love is… not agreeing

Love is …pure
Love is… Better than anything

Love is.. feel like drowning. ..

Love is.. humanity and charity…
Love is… Hoping for the best
Love is… Giving back but receive also

Love is… Doing crazy things
Love is.. feeling stupid and not grown
Love is.. Making you powerful
Love is… A weakness…

Love is.. Being someone to someone
Love is. … rejection
Love is.. give an take. ..

Love is.. beautiful and pure
Love is.. A big way of living

Even though it might hurt in the end. Scares to try. Love is something that just falls in your hands and heartm can’t denie thatm don’t push it away but embrace it wath grace.. because God gives you the love you need at that moment.  So cherish it. Dont toss it away. Let it stay. If its not ment to be it will lead you there. But you can’t say anything unless you’ve tried it..

My version of love… I love being loved as does everybody. …
That’s not weird. It is healthy and makes me more human than i can be. I will follow my heart. Not what someone wants or expects from me. No. I will give my love the way i want to and to whomever i want to..
Because i only have one lifetime. So lets enjoy the love that has been or will be given. Let it in. And just see where your ship will sail to or not. And be with the one you will always love…. but dont denie feelings, thoughts etc. Don’t block it. Embrace it!!! Let you Be loved by who wants to give it…..


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