The brain as it can be


As a unborn child you will create a brain. . That it self witll plit in two separate pieces. So now you have two seperate brains but it will only function properly with each other.

The basic is what makes everything in life as they should be.
Apart from one and another or from something but also recognize that IT or You only feel whole with that piece that’s not with you all the time. It can be anything you grave for in life for Your happiness!! Your blessings are counted. But be aware.  Use your brain. Develope and learn. Never stop teaching your brain. Let it be functional at all times.. Don’t be afraid for whats gonna come or won’t.  You dont have control over it anyway. So go with the flow. Let your brain decide and let the feelings in!! Let your brain be at peace and balanced with your inner self… but follow your true self, heart and spirit. Your brain will follow…. It will let you show how things are build in life! !… everything that God hands to you take it. Be graceful and blessed. What the outcome may be. Let your heart be truthful.  So your spirits and brain will guide you through it all….

May god be with you


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