Our children …. Help is needed


Let it be clear. There are people climbing a mountain to be human about the fact that there are children who need all the help we can give them. We grownups can screw up when it comes to our children. We need to protect everyone of them.

They are our future and will and can have great meaning in life. So please think about that when you throw things away. They cannot eat or sleep properly like a child supposed to. A safe heaven. With people who care. Think of that when you scream, curse or being negative about your own things. Be blessed. Help those in need. Support each other..

Great respect for those on that mountain now! And everyone who contribute to helping those in need. Especially Our Children. Treat them like your own. Grace and with love…

Remember. . CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE! ! Be Aware…… They are Precious and pure.. Let them stay that way.. please please… help those who need it. No matter what country or situation. Children will be children. Who will grow. So let them grow like YOU want yours to be….

So Much to say. Hope the message is clear though….

May God be with those People who have grateful love to give….


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