Circle of life…



The circle of life…..
With the attached lines..

Those are you paths…you walk on
But they will all come together
In the circle, where they belong..

All your findings in life it self
But you choose
Thats the other half..

Even though it comes all together
It’s the way you choose how
That’s what matter…

So follow your instinct wisely
Stay true to your being…
Keep the faith…
Well this is what i am feeling…

I thought y’d have to break the circle
But it is not….
The dots ar all connected. …
Be your best self…..
It will be reflecting

Don’t be scared but try
Follow your heart
Even though It mide get hurt again
At least it’s a new start..

To make the circle role…
Put the dots together
Pick up.. its a phonecall
From heaven…..

Answer and you shall receive. .
The best things in life..
A great gift
It could also feel as a cutting Knife…

Don’t let it stop you
For what you realy want in life
The circle of life will role to…

Just the way you want…
It makes you be someone..
The circle of life
It’s Life’s band….


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