I got IT!!



Thinking is what i do
Writing is my expression
Love to sing and dance
It’s heavy but not a depression

Heavy i mean a lot going on
In my mind and heart….
Can’t stop it all those feelings
Is it a new start. ..

Because i am Awake again..
Lost it in a way
But i got back up again
That’s the price i had to pay

Not listening good enough
What God’s in tensions are
But then it hit me…
It went like a fast car…

Everything falling into pieces
Trying to make something
Doing something about it
This is My Begin. …

New beginning in life it self
New doors are open now..
I will walk trough them all
I dont need a bow…

It just got to me
Realising who Me really is
I understand better now
It’s like having your first real Kiss…

Thank you…..
I am one blessed woman…..


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