My six year old “Indiana Jones” son discovering Archeological signs in El Valle de Antón, Panama

My six year old “Indiana Jones” son discovering Archeological signs in El Valle de Antón, Panama



Photos: Archeological signs in El Valle de Antón, Panama

Part of what my son loves about travel is discovering old cities. He has inherited my sense of trying to be like Indiana Jones. When we visited Panama City, he had a grand time in the old city section discovering the old city ruins.

We got a chance to travel outside of Panama City to a valley called Anton. He used to be a crater lake a log, long time ago.   It is now a charming little town in the valley where you feel you have been transported in time.   we put my sons Indiana Jones exploring outfit on and off we went on a hike up the “la India Dormida” [the sleeping Indian) named so because of its rugged outline.  While hiking we came across the “Piedra Pintada” [the painted rock].  Upon the rocks, the painted aspect were the petroglyphs…

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