God above gave me a path
A path with directions
Did I sensed it all?
Not quit yet …

I know I will find out
Sooner or later
God gave me strength
So ‘He’ could give me a cloud

Not one not two but more
Clouds are lessons in life
What the reason for everything is?
I don’t know it all for sure

What I do know is this…
God made me a woman
In depended and strong
But with a soft kiss

A kiss on my head
Tears rolling down my eyes
True love and rejection
What’s up with that?

We’ll I have to learn
Life is a like high school
Pray you will get trough the day
Because you have to earn

Earn respect in life it self
Within your self
It’s not about status or health

It’s about surviving
Giving back what you truly receive
Because God loves me and you..
And that’s worth giving

Giving away those tears
Learn from everything and everyone
Pass it on and give
In your lifetime years!

Hopefully we will understand better
The Message ‘He’ is sending
For you to receive wise
And live life like a feather

Free in mind,spirit and being
True love and kindness
Humans With humans
Or am I the only one seeing?


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