I do


When I was a little girl
I always wanted to be a bird
I wanted to feel free I think
Yeah.. Maybe that’s the link..!

The like to the way I stand on life no
I am growing, learning, and living do what I really like to do
I feel more freedom, it’s true.

My mind is going wild
Going all the way in every way
Thinking about a lot of stuff
But I will never and shall never be enough

Because thinking is what I so do beauty’s something I do my whole life
I remember and never forget
My head never sleeps, I know what I get

Is this a healthy way of living?
I shall never know until I die
For now I will live my life a I please

I do what I want to do
And everybody has his on reasons

Respect one and another and be as free as you can
We shall need each other and you now when

Love do not hate!!




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